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A mea culpa…of sorts




When I last left you, we were just two months away from the big day and had our first attempt at ring shopping thwarted by a very rude tire. Then I was swallowed up by the wedding planning monster as all the final details came rushing at me all at once.

And then this happened:


It was an amazing day, even with the slight issues we ran into, and it really was over in a flash. I really wish I could go back and relive that day, partly to fix some of the things that went wrong (like this time I’d actually READ my vows instead of winging it at the last moment), but mostly because it was quite possibly, the BEST DAY EVER. It wasn’t the end all, be all of my life; but there was just this wonderful feeling that’s so hard to accurately describe. There was so much love and happiness in that place and in that moment that I really wish I could bottle it up and experience it all day, every day.

Now that the pressure of planning is finally over, I’m hoping to share a bit more about the planning stuff leading up to it as we wait for our pro pictures. I hope you’ll still follow along!