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Budding Inspiration: Pretty Flowers!

One of the most surprisingly easy wedding tasks was figuring out what kind of flowers I wanted for our wedding. While I do enjoy flowers, I was kind of indifferent to them for our wedding. My indifference definitely was a positive considering the rather small budget we originally had for flowers. I considered DIYing our flowers and then hiring a professional to tackle the personal flowers while I handled the centerpieces, then I considered doing simple, single flower arrangements for the both the personal flowers and centerpieces and then…it kept going back and forth.

Then one day my mom surprised me by gifting the money to cover my dress and flowers because she wanted me to get something nice. So I’m hiring a florist to handle the flowers. Before I get into our florist search, here’s some of my floral inspirations. Warning: lots of pictures ahead!

Bridal bouquet: Since I will be wearing white/ivory, I wanted to carry a colored bouquet so there would be some contrast. The only flower I was really wanted are green Weber parrot tulips but since I don’t even know when they’re in season, I wasn’t married (heh) to them. Basically, all I wanted was something with a green tone, soft, romantic, and fluffy like a cloud.

bridal flowers inspiration

[Sources via: With This Ring, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Project Wedding]

I plan on decorating the stem with a ribbon and one of my dad’s Army metals like this:

Bridal bouquet with military medal[Source: Style Me Pretty]

Bridesmaid bouquet: Similar to my bouquet, I wanted the bridesmaids’ bouquets to stand out against their dresses so I decided to go with all white and because I’m so well-versed in flowers, I described my vision for the bridesmaids when meeting with florists as “All-white and fluffy.” I’m a floral genius.

all white bouquet[Source: Stinkerpants.com]

I also want their bouquets decorated with extra long ribbons for an added flair of…ribbons.

Bridesmaid bouquets with ribbons[Source: The Bride’s Cafe]

Boutonnieres: Again, we’re not tied to any flowers so we’re pretty open to whatever. I’d like the mister’s bout to be white and the groomsmen’s bouts to be green.

groom bouts

[Source: The KnotLee’s Florist & Nursery, Once Wed]

groomsmen bouts[Source: The Knot, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Tomobi Floral Art]

Centerpieces: I’m continuing the “fluffy” theme with our centerpieces. Our centerpieces pretty much set the overall design theme for our wedding: kind of elegant/modern rustic with a hint of vintage [if it sounds like I’m pulling this description out of my butt, well, it’s true. I’m totally making it up as I go along]. I was drawn to fluffy white centerpieces with birch vases.

White centerpieces with birch bark vases[Sources: Snippet & Ink, In This Instance,  Project Wedding, One Fine Day Events]

Tip: Whether you DIY your flowers or hire a professional, having inspiration photos will help provide a clear vision of what you want for everyone to follow, especially if all you know you want is “fluffy like a cloud.” 

On the next episode of Talda Plans The Weddening, I’ll share our harrowing search for a florist. Are you DIYing your flowers or hiring a florist? Or are you skipping the flowers completely for something different?