On rings and things

You know how sometimes you’re coasting through life and think you really have things under control? And then life rears up and knocks you back into place? And all you can do is laugh to keep from crying? Yeah. That’s what happened when we went shopping for our wedding rings.

We had been putting it off for a while; it took me several mentions to get the mister to actually sit down and look through some rings for ideas of what he’d like. But now that we’re only have about two months remaining until the big day [sidebar: WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?! I swear we had at least 6 months!] it’s probably time we got around to getting our wedding rings, right?

So last weekend we set out to go shopping. We had a game plan: after stopping at the bank, we were going to hit up three or four jewelry stores and then stop by Michael’s to pick up some more craft supplies (because the crafts never stop). As we were heading to the bank, I changed lanes and then heard the loudest pop and then crunch I’ve ever heard.

We pulled off onto a nearby street to survey the damage. It was not pretty.


Thanks for nothing, pothole.

That little pothole ripped a hole across my entire tire. Like, it did such a great job, both the tow truck driver AND the tire sales guy were impressed when they saw it. The mister suggested we reschedule shopping but I thought we could still make it – then after nearly breaking down while at the tire store, we both decided it was better for me to just go home and try again the next weekend.

So instead of shopping for our wedding rings, I ended up buying four new tires. Sigh.

Did anything disastrous sidetrack your planning? Do you hate potholes as much as I do?


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