Could You Please Take Our Picture?


From the very beginning, photography was very important to us, though for slightly different reasons. I wanted to have rich photos from our day because after the last dance has been danced, the food is all gone, and the wedding dress has been packed away, all we will have left will be our memories and the pictures. And I really wanted those pictures to be amazing. For the mister, since most of his family would not be able to make the trip from Michigan to our wedding, he wanted to have really nice photos for his family to view.

Our search for a photographer began and ended with one guy: Ed Pingol of Ed Pingol Photography.

Teana and Aaron Engaged - 0035_fhdr

Eddie is actually a friend of mine, so that makes him a friendor. I’ve been hounding him about being my wedding photographer since he first started in the business and I’m so excited that he’ll actually be taking our pictures.

Eddie is so incredibly easy to get along with and has a great eye for amazing pictures so having him as one of our vendors was actually a relief because we knew for a fact that he would be able to get along with our guests and other vendors (especially the DOC) and that we know that we’re going to get some really fantastic photos.

Ed Pingol Wedding Photography

Even though we were sure Eddie would be our photographer (he was the only one we met with), I still took some time to contact other photographers (23 to be exact) to see how his package would compare, but they either had amazing photos and astronomical prices or they had prices that were more aligned with our actual meager photography budget but their photos left something to be desired. We weighed our options and seriously considered the effects on our budget if we went with Eddie. There just wasn’t any comparison for use; these will be our tangible memories from the day and one of the few things we’ll be able to share with our children. So while we went way over budget to secure Eddie’s work for our wedding but honestly, I was more than happy to splurge here and tighten the belt elsewhere.

Ed Pingol Wedding Photography


How did you find your photographer? Did you splurge?


2 thoughts on “Could You Please Take Our Picture?

  1. Aww! These are so cute!! My friend just took her engagement photos and she found hers through a friend. She lives in a small town and she is THE best photographer around!

    1. Thanks! Eddie also took my sister’s high school grad photos so we have a long history with him. I’m already envisioning how everything will look in the photos!

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