And so it begins…again.

After taking a much longer than anticipated hiatus from my “pre-planning” blogging, I’m back and ready to blog and plan for real.

While we’re still not “officially” engaged with a ring, we have officially set a date and are actively planning our 2014 wedding! Yays all around!

I know it seems weird to be planning a wedding before a proposal but since the mister is simply waiting to land a full-time job before officially proposing, we figured it was better to pick a date and start planning now instead of waiting for him to get a job and then waiting another year before we got married. Because after 8 years of dating, we don’t have much wait left in us.

And while we could have easily planned a good wedding in however many months, we both knew that it wouldn’t be the wedding I had hoped we would have. We discussed it ad nauseum and after my assurances that I would be fine with whatever wedding we had, the mister called my bluff and told me I deserved to have the wedding I dreamed of.

Aww, shucks.

And thus the unconventional wedding planning experience. But considering the history of our relationship, doing things out of order is so totally us.

So it’s time to let loose with all those plans I’ve been working on in my head and make them real. Ready?


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